Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Well the big news is that we signed sentencia today!  We could not be happier and if all goes to plan hope to be going home on Saturday.  I am in utter shock everything has happened so fast, at 3 pm yesterday we were in Medellin taking it easy not knowing anything and this morning we were in Bogota signing our paperwork which allows us to officially be with Giancarlo forever.  Tomorrow a few more errands and Thursday hopefully request his visa to enter the US which we will pick up Fri . . . .and off we go. . . . HOME SWEET HOME!


Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was hoping that's what it was going to be! Bring that boy home!!!! I'm so excited for you. I wish you the best as you speed through the rest of the process. Can't wait to see you in person! Love you all!!!


Anonymous said...

God is so good! Congratulations and enjoy the trip home Giancarlos!

tinamarie said...

That's wonderful news, Z!!!
SO excited that you'll be home with the family sooner than expected! Then I'll also get to hear your voices, on the phone, before I leave for Spain!
BIg kisses to everyone - sending so much love.

Paula said...

FLIA DE VITA: FELICIDADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Que increible lo rapido que salio la sentencia!! Me alegro muchísimo que tan pronto puedan volver a casa!!!!

Anonymous said...

If anyone deserves the fastest Sentencia on record it's you! We are so, so, SO happy for you and hope you have a safe trip home!

Big hug,

Jen, Johnny and Livi