Sunday, March 29, 2009

What to wear?

Well, the latest manner Oli has shown us her independence is by her dress style. I really would not know how to describe it, if I had to I'd say "layering". She just starts putting clothes on and keeps going. For instance, she will often put on an undershirt, long sleeved shirt (always long sleeves), a skirt, tights, a dress and a sweater on top. To top it off she was often insisting on putting on her nicer clothes that we save for special occasions. I decided it was not worth the arguments we had begun having so one morning I woke up at 6am and while she slept in my bed I rearranged her closet, moving rods and shelves until everything that she could put on was at her level and the better things were further up. This solved the wearing the nice clothes issue, and I have decided to let her dress herself as she wants, (I figured I should keep quiet until I really need her to wear what I want), although she does get some strange looks when we are out! Fortunately, she goes to a creative, artsy pre-school so they are OK with her wearing just about anything. We'll see what happens when the days start to get hotter!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Disco Fever

What a fabulous time we had last night. My mom took Oli to sleep at her house and we had 3 other couples over for a Murder Mystery Dinner. We had borrowed a mirrored disco ball and really decorated the place up, served Mac & Cheese with meatloaf on TV dinner trays and listeened and danced to Disco music all night long. . . .