Saturday, October 10, 2009


When I picked up Oli from school earlier this week she told me that one of the girls in her table said the following during lunch. "Raise your hand if you are Jewish". I asked her if she had raised her hand and she replied, "no, mami, I'm not Jewish, I'm Colombian!"

Monday, October 5, 2009

waiting waiting and more waiting

Oli doing the nebulizer on Teddy.

Oli has been sick for the past few weeks and was diagnosed with walking pneumonia. She has been home quite a lot doing 3 nebulizer treatments a day but is fortunately now feeling better.
I cant believe it is October and still no referral. I know each adoption is different and I should not compare them but things have been so different from the first time around. With Olivia, we waited 11 months from the time our dossier was sent to Colombia to referral. We were told 12-24 months so when we got the call it was totally unexpected and amazing. One moment I was making dinner and the next I was a mother. I will never forget it. This time around time we have already been waiting 30 months. The thing is that we keep being told it will happen soon and so we have put so many things on hold just in case we get the call. If we would have been told at the beginning it will be this long of a wait we would have gotten ready mentally for the wait. However, for the past year we keep hearing that we will get the referral soon . . . it is so difficult to be in this state of mind all the time. I find myself wondering "will today be the day?" so much, every time the phone rings the first thing that crosses my mind is always" is this THE call?"
The only bit of news that we do have to share is that last week we received the acceptance letter from Los Pisingos (the Casa Privada/orphanage we are adopting from) and we have been approved to adopt a boy from 24-36 months. We are very happy to have this piece of news and hope and pray that we can go pick up our son soon and begin our lives together as a family of 4.