Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bye bye summer

End of August. . . . how time flies. We had a fabulous summer, Oli and I spent every day together and had a great time doing many, many things. We went to NY for 3 weeks to visit Nonna and Nonno, aunts, uncles and cousins Kiki and Frankie. The rest of the time we spent here in Miami, going to the pool & beach, seeing friends and going on playdates . . . we were very busy. I told Oli she was attending Camp Zita and she loved it!

Yesterday was the first day of school, it is her last year before starting kindergarten. She is attending Rainbow Montessori School, so far so good, she has not cried when Anthony dropped her off. I have a good feeling about this school and she is very excited she got to use the computer at school yesterday.


No news yet about baby # 2. We have also been working hard setting up the new bedroom and playroom, we are ready for the referral! Hopefully soon . . . . . .