Monday, December 6, 2010

Where does time go!

Well  . . . here we are the 2nd week of December.  How time flies when you are running around after 2 little ones!  Everyone is doing very well, Giancarlo has grown almost 2 inches since arriving and is a joy as always.  He worships Oli, following her everywhere and fortunately she has warmed up to him and enjoys his company (most of the time!).  It was really rough going there for a while but now things have settled down.  Yesterday night, as I was snuggling with her in bed she spontaneously told me for the first time "Mami, I really love Giancarlo", which of course made me very happy! 
Olivia is growing like a weed, she is tall and thin, and lost her first tooth a few weeks ago. She is really looking forward to Christmas and talks about it every day.  She is definitely a mother hen with GC, wanting to put on his clothes, brush his hair etc.  Giancarlo is an affectionate little boy with a huge smile always ready to be shared.  His vocabulary is growing and it isdefinitely easier to understand him when he speaks (Oli is our official translator-she understands him better than anyone!)
We have been very busy recently with our trip to Orlando with other families that have adopted Colombian children, Halloween, Thanksgiving, school, our first post placement report and now preparing for Christmas.  We went to buy our tree yesterday so we are now ready to decorate it!
I dont know why I am not able to upload photos right now but I will as soon as I can . .