Wednesday, December 10, 2008

from the mouths of babes

This morning when Oli woke up the first thing she asked me was "Did Gianluca arrive?" (we will name the baby Gianluca if it's a boy, Valentina if it's a girl). I told her "Not yet, sweetie, why do you ask", and she proceeded to say she had dreamt that she was holding him in her arms . . . .
so sweet. . . .
I truly believe children have a special connection with God, angels and spirits, and I always tell Oli how she was an angel in heaven before she was born looking down at all the people who want to be moms and dads and that she picked us to be her parents.
At night before going to sleep we pray and I always ask her to talk to her baby brother or sister and let him/her know we are waiting for then to come join our family. I guess she really did so last night.

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