Sunday, May 31, 2009

first graduation

Here is a picture of Oli at her Muzart graduation with her best friends, Paige and Sydney last week. Sniff sniff. . . it was beautiful and of course I had tears in my eyes (I'm a Pisces, what can I say!). Now she will be home until school begins in August.
On Friday I was invited to participate in a Gladney Family Association (GFA) Training Retreat in Fort Worth, Texas for 2 days. The outcome is that we are now in the process of officially begin a GFA here in South Florida! This means we will be offering playgroups, educational workshops related to different adoption issues, as well as other events for our area. I am THRILLED about this and am really looking forward to helping organize this to be an awesome association!
I was very impressed with what I saw this weekend at Gladney. The comittment of the volunteers, the professionalism yet warmth of the staff, the transparency and integrity of everyone there really impacted me in a positive way.

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