Saturday, May 23, 2009

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Oli's B day

Well, even though almost 2 months have passed still I have posted there is no news to report on the second adoption front, however we have been busy. In April Oli had her 4th birthday party, theme Curious George, it was her first real one with lots of friends (over 60 kids and adults!) invited. We all had a super time, but I never realized how much work organizing an event like that would be! Here are some pictures of the big day. May was also full of several important events, I cant believe the month is almost over as is her school. We have decided to keep Oli home this summer, we will be going to NY for a month anyway so we will stay busy doing activities at home and with friends until classes begin in the fall. Four is definitely my favorite age so far, she is so sweet and understands things and is able to communicate with such complex words it astounds me! She is truly a pleasure and a joy and I am looking forward ot spending these next couple of months together.

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