Saturday, November 28, 2009

An Unusual Thanksgiving

Well, if someone told me a week ago that this would have happened I would not have believed it.  Oli started coughing late last week and on Monday night woke up crying saying her ear hurt.  I took her to the doctor on Tuesday, by then the cough had gotten worse but she was still in good spirits.  After the doctor examined her, he proceeded to give her some tests (Oli was SO brave . . she did not cry once) drawing blood from her arm, inserting long Q tips up her nose, giving her 2 shots in her legs (an antibiotic) as well as some chest X-rays.  Well, long story short he diagnosed her with influenza AND pneumonia.  Mind you she had pneumonia less than 2 months ago. . .Fortunately she is responding well to the antibiotics and nebulizer treatments so I know she is well on the road to recovery but still, it was quite a fright!  

The doctor told us that he did not recommend Oli be with many people for the next few days so we had to cancel Thanksgiving at our house and wound up spending a very quiet evening with Anthony, Oli and my mom.  Very different from what I imagined I would be doing but regardless very nice.

Still no news about our son (or daughter), the waiting is very hard but I keep reminding myself that this is one of the lessons that this child that is coming into our lives is teaching us.

We spent November 21st, National Adoption Day with dear friends who have also adopted their children.  Here is a picture of that special day.