Friday, September 17, 2010


Well, it really has been a good day. . . the kids did wake up incredibly early. .  .maybe 6:30 but we all got into one bed and just hung out for a bit (not an easy task in a queen sized bed!). We had breakfast, and took a morning tour to Monserrate, a beautiful church overlooking Bogota.  The only way up/down is via a VERY steep train or a gondola.  It was a nice day but being SO high up (over 10,000 ft) we were quickly out of breath.  To top it off Oli still asked to be carried or in the stroller most of the time so someone was always being held.  After lunch GC (Giancarlo!) took a nap and we wound up going to the park/baby store for some essentials.  The kids are getting along quite well, It's sometimes difficult to understand what he's saying but I'm sure that will get easier in time.  Some things I have learned about my new son today:

1)  He is a sweetheart, has a smile that lights up a room.
2) He adores his toy cars and can play with them for a long long time.
3) He is a good eater!  So far the only thing he has not liked are cucumbers (cant blame him!)
4) We may have to watch his food intake, he will eat and eat and eat . . .
5) We suspect he may also have some type of gastrointestinal thing going on bc he has pooped *8* times today and 7 of them were super soft.
6) He already ADORES his papi, cant stop saying papi papi all day long.
7) At Pisingos they explained that since all his caretakers are women he calls them all "tia" (aunt)  . . .. that it will take a while for him to realize the meaning of  having one "mami"   . . . . So far I am called tia. . . .   :)
8) When he lays his head on your shoulder, it just makes you just melt

Here are some pictures from yesterday and today I wanted to share:

 this one is Oli at Plaza Bolivar feeding the pigeons yesterday . . .a close second to her favorite moment of the day!

I know its not great (taken through a glass with flash) but this is the moment Oli and Giancarlo met.

This one is what I think he looks like the most in real life! (I dont think he looks much like his referral photo!)

Here is Oli, papi and Giancarlos with Lucas the llama

I LOVE this one bc Oli spontaneously took his hand as we were walking up in Monserrate

Giancarlo being goofy. . . here you can see the gap of his misisng tooth (it had to be extracted bc he fell and broke it.)

Exhausted after Monserrate. . . .which leads me to fact # 9 I have learned about him today. . . .he snores!  He fell asleep in the car on the way back to the hotel.. . . .Oli's comment about the fact
 "Oh great, now we have two snorers in the family!"


Danielle Houser said...

Your post gave me tears ... What an amazing moment

tinamarie said...

I'm so completely overwhelmed and just so happy that you're all together. Big kisses and hugs to all of you.