Thursday, September 23, 2010


Wow, has it only been a week since we have been a family of four?  It definitely seems longer yet 7 days ago we were not even together with Giancarlo yet.  Things are going well, he's a good napper, which gives me a little rest in the middle of the day to get things organized while Oli watches TV in Nonno's room next door.

We have been going swimming every morning and I am amazed at the progress this little boy is making in the pool.  He is already kicking his feet and moving his hands while wearing the swim vest I brought him from Miami.  He's also a daredevil and loves to jump right into the pool (as long as I am there to receive him!).  He loves it and asks about going several times a day.  After the pool we come back upstairs, give the kids a bath and I put him to bed.  In the afternoons we have been going out and visiting different places.  The weather has not been fantastic (lots of fog in the AM and scattered rain), but we have managed.

GC and I are getting in the groove of things, the tantrums are fewer and less severe.  I am figuring out he can often be distracted and he is more willing to come to me and help me calm him down.  He calls me tia, tia mami, mami tia and sometimes even mami alone, but not often spontaneously yet.  I have noticed he has a very high voice volume (I imagine it was the only way for him to have been heard over all the other kids at the orphanage) so we have to work on that. . . it seems he's shouting the whole time. . .lol.

Sorry about not posting pictures again, the camera is acting up, hope to get it resolved soon.  Hugs to all,

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Ruth Ann Craven said...

Hi Zita, my name is Ruth Ann and my husband and I are friends of the Castellons. Sandy gave me the link to your blog. We are here in Bogota right now adopting our second child too! A little boy from CRAN that we named Jackson. I know you guys are in Medellin right now, but if we are still here when you get back, I'd love to meet you! We're hoping for sentecia this week or next (we've been here 5 weeks so far). Congrats on your handsome little boy! He is precious, and your daughter is gorgeous too!!

Ruth Ann Craven