Thursday, September 16, 2010

Introducing . . . . the newest member of our family. .Giancarlo Andres De Vita!

Well  . . . .here he is! Finally in our arms . . . .I promised to blog before the day was over and I just made it. . . the kids are both asleep now so I can have a few minutes to myself.   All went very well today, we had to wait until 5pm to get him but it was a smooth transition. . .  not even one tear!  The staff at Pisingos is so good about transitioning the children. . . . Our little boy is a total sweetheart, very happy and easygoing. . . loves loves loves cars and full of energy  . . . . he is all boy.   The meeting was great, Oli went in first with a big lollipop for him and played with him a little before Anthony and I went in.  We stayed there for about 15 minutes playing and then he said he was hungry (it was dinner time at Pisingos), so we said "we'll take you to eat at the hotel . . let's go!" and so off we went!  He had already said goodbye to everyone but still, as we left staff and kids kept saying "bye osito" (his nickname-meaning little bear) to nim and he waved to them all . . very sweet.  We had dinner at Hotel Paris, played a while and them the kids went to sleep quite easily.  We'll see how tomorrow goes but so far so good.  Oli is actually the one having a harder time with all of this, she was very whinny all day wanting to be carried and in a stroller all day (which she has not used for a year) and actually said to Anthony "it's no fun being a big sister". . . . lol
Still cant believe we have TWO kids sleeping in the room next door that are ours.  Tomorrow Monserrate here we come! 


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Mrs. Adelman said...

Hola Zita,
I am one of Monica's friends (Isa's Mamí) and we also adopted our beautiful Alejandra from Bogota in 2008. We are awaiting our approval from ICBF for our second child so we are enjoying your family's journey! It's exciting to see your daughter and how she is taking the transition with her new baby brother.


Anonymous said...

Such a great family picture-he looks like a sweet heart. I am sure it will be hard for Oli to adjust but she will be a great big sister. Enjoy your time in Colombia.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I was waiting, and waiting!!! Congratulations!!! Seeing the picture of them sleeping next to each other is just precious! (By the way, I love your son's PJs - I'll have to show Sean. ;)
About Oli adjusting....Sean did the exact same thing. Whiny, wanted to ride in the stroller, and even went so far as not wanting "Mommy" and only wanted Daddy. So, one day early on, I spent some one-on-one time with him alone and a couple other times we did little trips together (alone) - like to ice-cream or even just walks together. I told him it was just Mommy and Sean time. It will get better. Love you all!! Deborah

Laura said...

Congratulations for getting so soon the "sentencia" HUUUURRAAAAAA!!!!!!! I imagine how happy all of you are, considering anything is so nice as to go back home now... with Giancarlo, who will meet the rest of the familiy!!! Wonderful everything posted in your blog!!! Thanks for sharing all your time in Bogota.... Love from your sister !!!! big hug to Anthony father and grand-father and greetings to everybody in Miami... I`m still in Mendoza, going back home today. Kisses!!!