Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September 13th - Giancarlo's 3rd birthday

Monday is over, which means we only have one whole day left to finish everything we need to do before heading to COL. I am pretty much in control considering Oli has been sick since Friday so not only have I had her at home all this time, I had to take her to the Dr AND start doing the nebulizer on her 3x a day. Thank goodness for my mom and aunt Nancy (her sister visiting from Argentina) bc I would not be able to do everything without them.

So, I was quite nervous all day since, I knew that at 3pm we would be connecting with Giancarlo through Skype . . . . I could not eat at all! When 3 pm rolled around, we all sat around the computer (Anthony, Oli, my mom, aunt, nonna, nonno and me) and it was soo wonderful to see him there. . .sitting at a desk and looking at us. I must admit the conversation was quite one sided, but we did plenty of waving, smiling, singing, clapping and aaawwwing. He did say "mami", "papi" and "Oli" a couple of times which just made me melt. We sang happy birthday to him with a tiny cupcake that had 3 candles on it. . . and when the song finished he tried to blow the candles out through the screen. Oli, AKA "Little Miss Chatterbox", who could NOT wait for 3pm to come went totally MUTE and hardly said a word for the entire 20 minutes we were connected. It was very funny.

I want to thank everyone for all the good wishes and prayers you have been sending our way. I am so happy I walk around with a goofy grin on my face all the time. Cant wait for Thursday, when our lives will change forever . . . .

Love to all,



Anonymous said...

He tried to blow out the candles on his cupcake thru the computer? Oh my goodness, that is the sweetest thing ever!!! He's darling!

So sorry to hear Oli has been sick. I'm saying lots and lots of prayers that she is 100% well by tomorrow!!!

Thanks for the update!!!

Jen S

Anonymous said...

That is just too precious!!! Trying to blow out the candle! How sweet!!! I hope Oli feels better soon - and don't worry - she won't be "mute" forever. Before you know it they will be laughing, playing and chatting away to each other. Wishing you all a safe and speedy journey. We'll be following you all along the way!