Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 5

We arrived in Medellin late last night after a short flight from Bogota.  The meeting with the Defender of Minors was long but went very well.   Of course you hope the kids behave at a time like that . . . Giancarlo arrived fast asleep at the office but woke up and began crying shortly thereafter while we were waiting for the attorney to send us in.  Unfortunately, even my backup plan, the LOLLIPOP, did not stop his tears or crying.  Then, Nonno (Anthony's father who is traveling with us) came to the rescue, scooped him up in his arms and Giancarlo proceeded to stop crying (mind you he did not stop when Anthony or I did the same thing).  So KUDOS to Nonno for saving the day!

Here are some pictures from the past couple of days:

On the way to Panaca ( a HUGE petting zoo)

Oli milking a cow!  She did a great job! 

 Oli trying to make her little brother smile . . . .lol

Giancarlo excited about finally getting on his "aballo"

Hotel  La Fontana. . .I have this same picture with Oli from 5 years ago!

Carlitos laughing with papi

Oli with Maresa, her friend from Hotel Paris (I found them in the bathroom with wet hair mixed with
 hand soap half an hour before we had to go meet the Defender of Minors).  Gee . . .I wonder whose idea that was!?!?!?

This one I just love because he looks SO darn CUTE!

The only part of Medellin we have seen so far is the hotel but it is BEAUTIFUL, and everyone is so kind and polite they make you feel like royalty.  This morning we took the kids to the pool after breakfast.  Oli of course was happy to be in a great big pool but I was wondering how GC would react.  I am not even sure if he has ever seen a pool before or gone swimming.  Let me tell you . . .  the smiles and whoops of joy this little guy gave me were worth the 3 1/2 years of waiting we had.  He was so happy . . . . 
Nonno, Oli, Papi and GC. . . why am I never in the picture?. . . OH that's right because I am always the one who takes them! 

Tell me that smile isnt priceless!!

Another favorite!

Hope you are all well! 


tinamarie said...

I love reading your stories and seeing all of the pictures - it's my favorite thing to do when I come home from work at night. It makes me feel closer to all of you. Josie and I are sending big hugs and kisses and cannot wait to hear your voices on the phone.
Love you.

Anonymous said...

litonaso sweet. It brings tears to my eyes to read your post everyday. He seems so happy to be with your family. Maybe soon Amberly, Tim and Natalie will share the same joy you all are having. Best Wishes, Natalie's granny

Anonymous said...

una grande gioia. siete bellissimi. ciao enrico

Terry said...

We have been reading everyday - but, I just opened an account so that we could comment. You guys look great! And like all life changes they bring their challenges - but, what greater challenge in life than to teach a child all about FAMILY and LOVE!!! You and Anthony are great parents and God has blessed Giancarlo with all of your love - and experience too! Thinking and praying for you every single day.
With all of our love, Terry and gang