Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 9

Our second Satruday together has come and gone. . .I just commented to Anthony how today has been a good day, tantrum free and no big issues among the kids.  Oli is even getting better about sharing the stroller since Anthony had the brainstorm of offering to buy her either a stroller or her her first American Girl Doll.  She chose the doll but the deal is she has to wait until we get back to Miami!  (Thanks goodness for that bc since we have been here I think she broke the 50lb mark and carrying her is back breaking.)

Things are good here, the only complaint is the weather is pretty crummy, lots of fog, clouds and rain unfortunately which puts a damper on any plans we make outside. Now that Nonno is leaving tomorrow we will concentrate more on doing kid things.  Tomorrow we hope to go to the zoo. 

Giancarlo's first time eating ice cream with us. . . he LOVED it! 

Another solution to the 2 kids - one stroller problem . . .stack 'em up!

We are still pooling it every morning as long as its not raining.  LOVE this picture of my little girl.

Giancarlo being a HAM! 

Sibling love.  . .it does not get better than this!

We plan to be here in Medellin one more week and then head back to Bogota Oct 3rd.  My mom will come the 4th and Anthony will leave the 5th, since we have our big Miami Fundraising Dinner for our CF family foundation on Oct 7th.  It is sure to be a great event and I am very sorry to be missing it!

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Anonymous said...

Glad things are smoothing out and that you are building trust so quickly. God bless you all as you enjoy family time and hopefully your Sentencia will come quickly.